Christmas Window Drawing Freebies

I made two different patterns for a chalk marker window drawing. The wreath has two different phrases, so you can choose which one you like best. Happy crafting and happy holidays from the Netherlands! Pattern 1: text Pattern 2: wreath  

Fall Window Drawing Freebie

Last year I posted a free fall window drawing pattern. I got great responses on that. This year I’ve decided to share the separate drawings for free. Decorate your window with these cute patterns using only a chalkboard window marker. Enjoy!

Easter Window Drawing Pattern Freebie

Even though it is extremely cold in the Netherlands right now, I can’t help thinking about spring. So I made an Easter window drawing pattern for you to decorate your window. Download it here for free!

Lightbox ideas for Halloween

After looking at one for months, I finally bought myself a Lightbox this week and started making different phrases for Halloween. Too bad you can only display one phrase at a time! Have fun making your own! I ordered the Lightbox and symbols at A Little Lovely Company. It comes…

Fall Window Drawing Pattern

I have been making window drawings for a while now, and I decided to share one pattern with you for free! There is a description included on how to print it and draw it on your window. I have made one circle in Dutch and one in English. With the…

Cactus Wrappers Freebie

A few weeks ago I painted a light green cactus with watercolors. I scanned it, edited it in Photoshop and made cute wrappers and wrapping paper with it. You can download this set for free! As you can see you can use them in all sorts of different ways. Enjoy!

Tropical Gift Wrapping

I’m visiting my husband in the states and since I get bored quite easily, I bought watercolors, brushes and paper at Hobby Lobby and started painting some tropical art. I scanned them, edited them in PhotoShop and made all sorts of lovely items with them. Like these cute tropical wrapping…

Tropical Cards Extra

I just love the tropical theme. Those pretty leaves and flowers are just amazing. I made a new design for another postcard with two different phrases on it. Enjoy! They are free!