Memories Hand Lettering Doodle Freebie

A few months ago I sketched this design on an airplane to the states. I got inspired by all the wonderful trips my husband and I have made so far. Today I picked up a pencil and black marker and made this doodle on A4. I scanned it, darkened it…

Hello Doodle Set Freebie

So this Easter I was making a little hand lettering doodle and it turned out pretty neat. I scanned it and made a poster and a postcard out of it. Download it here for free!

Easter Gift Tags

Download these free Easter gift tags to complete your gift this Easter! The Easter wrapper set isn’t complete without some gift tags. So I just made a couple in two colors. You can hang them on a bag of chocolate Easter eggs, a box of peeps, or a different kind…

Easter Wrappers

Easter is a time for bunny’s, eggs and maybe even some gifts. Why not wrap them up in these cute wrappers? Download them here for free! Happy Easter!

Courage Poster Freebie

In need of an inspirational poster? Don’t look any further. You can download it here in A4 and Letter for free! The fonts I used are ‘Brusher’ and ‘Blowbrush’. The Mockup I used is a free one from Positvtplus Studio. Thanks for that!

Baby Crinkle Blankie Tutorial

Making baby shower gifts is very addictive. This blankie is something I had on my list for a while now. I already had all the materials, I just needed to begin. So last night I did and I’m pleased with the outcome. A very cute and crinkly blankie. I used more…

Spring Poster Freebie

Yes! Winter is finally over and spring has made it’s entry. That means it is time for another freebie. A nice poster with a great watercolor flower by Larysa Zabrotskaya. Download it here in A4 or Letter.

Gift Tags Freebie

Need a cute tag to hang on your gifts? These four are for free! I made a set with, and a set without a cute little element. Print the file on card stock paper, cut them out, punch a hole with a 1 hole punch and pull some string or…

Cactus Cards and Posters Freebie

I’ve had these lying around for a while now, but I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them. I made them in both color and black & white. I printed a postcard version in black & white and hung it on my display wire, along with some of my…

Felt Cactus Baby Crinkle Toy

Everyone is into cacti at the moment. They are prickly, but somehow look great in your home. So why not make a toy out of it? A soft version of course! In this file you will find the template, I will tell you what you’ll need, describe step by step…