Cactus Wrappers Freebie

A few weeks ago I painted a light green cactus with watercolors. I scanned it, edited it in Photoshop and made cute wrappers and wrapping paper with it. You can download this set for free! As you can see you can use them in all…

Tropical Gift Wrapping

I’m visiting my husband in the states and since I get bored quite easily, I bought watercolors, brushes and paper at Hobby Lobby and started painting some tropical art. I scanned them, edited them in PhotoShop and made all sorts of lovely items with them….

Summer Ice Cream Pack

With this free set you will get Ice Cream posters in both A4 and letter, postcards, wrapping paper and wrappers with this cute ice cream. In both black&white and color. Click here to download it. Enjoy the summer!

Birthday wrapping paper set

Since I got those brush pens I wrote about a while ago, I’ve been writing on pretty much everything. Then I got the idea to make wrapping paper out of it. So I scanned it, played with the colors and voilĂ . The file includes 2…

Cactus postcard and wrapping paper freebie

I’ve recently grown attached to all things with a cactus on it. I also have a few mini cacti at home. I’m now offering a double freebie: a postcard and wrapping paper with cacti on it. It makes giving a small present more fun. Enjoy!…