Sinterklaas poster freebie

In the Netherlands we have a holiday called Sinterklaas. This is a free poster you can use to decorate your house or classroom. Download it here.

Halloween poster freebie

It’s October! That means Halloween is near. I’m offering you another freebie. A poster and postcard with a cute little ghost on it. Print it out to use it as decoration, or print the postcard to send to someone. Happy Halloween!

Fall poster freebie

This fall poster is for FREE! Download it by clicking here. Print it and put it in a frame, use washi tape to hang it on a wall, or print on cardstock paper as a postcard. A tip from me to you: buy A6 postcards…

Pacifier cord

Do you want to give a friend who has given birth an original gift? Or maybe you want to make one for yourself? Why not make a pacifier cord? They always come in handy and handmade they are just a lot nicer than store bought…

Birthday card freebie

For my dad’s Birthday I wanted to make a card just for him. And since it’s his Birthday I’d like to give this card to you, for free! It’s a nice and simple card, both usable for men and women. The font I used for…

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